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ExampleGroup: Home Page

this is the HomePage of this page-group

Each “mini-site,” or page-group, has a password that only permits visitors to read its pages. It also has a password that allows the owner to edit pages and upload files to the group. This “Example Group” is set up for you to experiment with; you can edit the pages in this page-group.

just login here using the password human (Please do; the only reason we even bother with a password is to keep the automated “spam-bots” from trashing the place).

After you login, you’ll see a new row of control tabs above. Go to the page in this Example Group that you want to change, and then click the Edit tab to get a new view of the page, with

  1. an edit box at the top, and below it
  2. a cheat-sheet of formatting tips, and below that
  3. a preview of the page.

On this page… (hide)

What could you use one of these for?

 No use is too small! 

Families can use it

A work, sports, or social group can use it

A small, startup business can use it

Develop your product or service offerings, marketing and pricing schemes, or internal operating process.

Individuals can use it

What can it do?

First, what it can’t do


No page-groups within page-groups

Simple Forum

See the example forum. This is very simple. Just create a page named Forum and the form will be pre-generated.

Your Journal

See the example journal. Also very simple.

Your Calendar

There is a calendar that has been developed as part of this site’s software. It automatically creates a page for each day that has entries. Another option is to embed the Google calendars of your choice in a page. For security reasons this isn’t enabled by default, but we can enable it for you on request - it’s quick and easy for us to do. See the example calendar for examples.

Internet Bookmarks

What if you outgrow it?

Add more page-groups here

We can link them to each other.

Get a sub-domain here, like http://Example.Glad

Register a domain name of your own (we’ll help)

What will it cost?

That depends. You’ll need to ask. Most likely, we can arrive at an arrangement that will suit you. Basically, we’ll discuss (no charge) what you’ll use it for, and then charge a very small fee to set up your page-group. Then if you want more features or help, we charge you by the hour to help you with layout or adding what you decide you want.

In fact, we can set up a sample for you to try at no charge, and then discuss rates once you know whether it’s likely to meet your needs. No use is too small!

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