How to create a link

How to create a link

To create a link to a new page, and thereby create that new page,

  1. click “Edit” to edit the existing page,
  2. key the name of the new page (observing the Rules for Link Text, given below), then
  3. save your work, and you’ll see that the link you just put in the new text on the existing page has a ?-mark after it.
  4. Click that ?-mark to open the newly created page, in edit mode, ready to fill with content!

Rules for Link Text:

  • Text that will be a link to another website should have the site’s full address, like
  • Text that will be a link to another page on this wiki needs to be a word or phrase inside a set of double brackets, like [[this]].
    • The word or phrase inside the brackets shouldn’t include any periods (.) forward slashes (/) or question marks (?). This means no periods after abbreviations like “Mr.” or “St.”

Try it in the Wiki Sandbox

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