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  • Click the “Edit” link to play around on this page. But before you do, read the rest of these tips:
  • When you’re “in edit mode”, you’ll see boxes for a Summary of your work and your Author name below the “edit box”.
  • You always have to put something in the Author box in order to save your edits - it’s a good idea to be consistent in what you use there.
  • Below the “Save” etc. buttons, there’s a shaded area, or “cheat-sheet” with some formatting tips, and links to even more help.
  • There is a section that displays a preview of the page down below those formatting tips - scroll on down in edit mode to see.
  • To create a new page: Create A Link to a page, and thereby create that page (really, that’s how you do it!), if it doesn’t already exist.
  • Put your experiments under the line below these notes.

Have Fun! Happy Wiki-ing!

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  • Second Bullet level 1
    • Bullet level 2
      • Bullet level 3

So There

So There, too.

red text green text normal text

 space before the first character in this sentence makes it ugly
indentation code before the first character is way nicer

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